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Adoption FAQ

Where can I see the cats and kittens that are available for adoption?


Available animals will be at our regular adoption events at PetSmart on 23rd Street as well as posted on Petstablished here Potential adopters can all schedule an appointment to meet available animals.


How do I apply to adopt one of your cats or kittens?


Click on the Adopt button on the animal’s profile on the Petstablished website here

Where are you located?


We do not have a physical location. All of our available animals are in individual foster homes. The cats and kittens available for adoption can usually be seen twice a month at the Petsmart 23rd St. location in Panama City. See our Events Page for more details. 

How much is the cost to adopt a cat or kitten?


$50 for kittens, plus a $25 deposit if not yet spayed or neutered. $35 for cats over 1 year old.


What is included in the adoption fee?


Animals are dewormed, treated for fleas, examined by a vet, vaccinated, and if old enough spayed or neutered. 


Can I reserve an animal before they are ready to be adopted out?


You can apply to adopt an animal before they are ready for adoption. Adoptions are on a first come, first serve basis. We do not hold animals without an approved adoption application on file.


What if I adopt an animal and it doesn't work out?


We will take back any animal adopted from us. Adopters just need to contact us. There may be a short wait time until space is available in a foster home, but we will try to accommodate a return as quickly as possible.

Can I meet the animal ahead of time?


Available animals will be at our regular adoption events at PetSmart on 23rd Street. Potential adopters can schedule an appointment to meet available animals by using the Chat button on the website, or emailing us at


What do I need to bring with me when picking up my pet?


You will need a secure carrier to transport the animal home.

If I decide to return my animal or change my mind prior to adoption pickup day, will I get a refund?


Adoption fees will be refunded for animals who have been adopted less than a year. If an animal needs to be returned after a year, we will take the animal back, but the adoption fee will not be refunded at that point. 

How do I get the medical records for an animal I adopted?


Medical records will be emailed to you.

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