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Fostering saves lives

Foster parents provide a temporary, safe and loving home for the animals until they are adopted. The foster parents transport their fosters to vet appointments and adoption events. AHRBC provides all the supplies needed; food, litter, flea treatments, deworming treatments, vet care, etc.


Fostering helps socialize these animals, making them more adoptable and better adjusted to living in a home environment. It also provides temporary relief for local shelters and other local rescue organizations that are often overcrowded and under-resourced. Additionally, fostering allows people to experience the joy of having a pet if they aren't ready or able to commit to the long term commitment of adoption. Overall, fostering is a valuable way to make a positive impact on animal welfare and can bring a sense of fulfillment to those who choose to open their homes and hearts to these furry companions.

Foster application

Click here to download our volunteer Foster application

Foster Welcome Guide

If you are new to fostering with us, click here to download our volunteer Foster Welcome Guide

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