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Animal Haven Rescue 
of Bay County

Animal Haven Rescue is an organization focused on animal rescue through fostering and adoption of cats as fosters are available. We provide rehabilitation, veterinary care, vaccinations, and spay or neuter for kittens and cats in Bay County, Florida. Our volunteer home-based fosters take in stray, neglected or abandoned cats and kittens into their homes and give them the love and care they need so that they will grow to be loving lifelong feline companions.


Our Story

Animal Haven Rescue was incorporated in June of 2017. The board members came together with a vision to help neglected, abandoned, and stray animals in our community. Animals in need are placed in foster homes, given veterinary care, and socialized before becoming available for adoption. We are 100% operated by volunteers so we rely greatly on donations from the community to be able to continue our mission that Every Furbaby Deserves a Safe Haven.


We provide them with medical care, a safe place to live, and all the necessary resources for their physical and emotional well-being. The fosters work tirelessly to ensure that each animal receives the love and attention they need to heal and thrive. 


Once the animals are healthy and ready for adoption, we screen potential adopters to ensure they are a good fit for the animal's personality and needs. By paying a small adoption fee, the adopters receive a healthy cat or kitten with all of its necessary vaccinations and paperwork. When of age and availability of appointments, we also spay and neuter the cats before adoption. If the animals are too young, we refund the adopter the $25 deposit, when they have their pet spayed / neutered.


By rescuing cats and kittens and preparing them for adoption, we not only help these animals find forever homes, but we also reduce the number of stray and feral cats in the community, which helps alleviate problems such as overpopulation and disease.

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